Reflexion Subscriptions


6 Users -- $49/mo.
Unlimited -- $299/mo.

 (All tiers are applicable for both Edge and Flex.)

Reflexion's cloud-based software gives users complete control over their cognitive data. The Reflexion app makes it easy to customize exercises to meet your needs, track and analyze your data, monitor cognitive improvement, and compare your results to others. We are constantly innovating and making improvements to our software by adding new drills, dashboards, and features - which of course, is free to you as the user."


Athletes must have excellent visual skills in order to triumph in their sports.  Everyday expressions such as ‘the eyes lead the body,’ ‘keep your eyes on the ball’ and ‘you can’t hit what you can’t see’ highlight the prevalence of this notion across athletics (Applebaum 2016).  In fact, it is widely accepted across research domains that the most elite athletes exhibit significantly higher levels of visual and cognitive skills than those less skilled in their sports. 
The Flex works by training and tracking specific visual and cognitive skills that play vital roles in sports performance and injury prevention alike.  We call these skills cognitions and they are trained by completing drills that are instantaneously uploaded to the Reflexion Cloud where your cognitions are analyzed and stored so that you can track your progress over time.
Every drill in one of Reflexions subscription tiers is designed to target specific cognitions that relate to your performance.  These cognitions include some skills that you have probably heard of such as reaction time, eye-hand coordination, and peripheral vision, as well as some that you may not have - visual memory, field mapping, visual pursuit, and inhibitory control to name a few.


Hundreds of studies related to sports vision training have employed light-board technology.  Light boards work by displaying visual training stimuli to users and by recording their responses so that analysis can be performed to determine how long it took to notice stimuli, the time it took to react, and the accuracy and precision of user responses that when taken in context of the given activity, allow for the calculation of cognitions while the user improves their skills by completing the activity.
Reflexion has revolutionized this proven technology by dramatically increasing the number of possible stimuli as well as touch-detection resolution - a feat never-before achieved with other technology. Our host of independent researchers have demonstrated Reflexion’s ability to measure the very cognitions which have been correlated to sports performance and we have even shown, in ongoing study’s with eight MLB teams, that cognitions on Reflexion are correlated with six different on-field performance indices. Whether you are looking to improve your  performance or determine your aptitude for a position, vision training is a must!