ROXPro Rehab



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ROXPro Rehab
ROXPro Rehab
ROXPro Rehab
ROXPro Rehab
ROXPro Rehab
ROXPro Rehab
ROXPro Rehab
ROXPro Rehab
ROXPro Rehab
ROXPro Rehab
ROXPro Rehab
ROXPro Rehab
ROXPro uses light, sound and vibration to create randomized training scenarios that develop your athletes cognitive-motor skills and boost engagement across all skill levels.
The new bundle for rehabilitation: Your smart training assistant with 6 ROX and charging case plus ROX Claw for unlimited and safe training in all dimensions. Create interactive training experiences that are more fun and functional. Train body & brain to improve your athlete's reaction time, agility, speed, visual capabilities, coordination and balance.



• 6 x ROX
• 1 x Charging Case• 6 x Adapter with velcro + 18 velcro patches for max flexibility
• 6 x Adjustable straps with silicon holster
• 6 x 3in1 ROX Claws – 6 x suction cup adapters · 6 x velcro fix adapters + 18 velcro patches · 6 x pole adapters + 12 silicone straps
• 1 x Mesh Carry bag
• 1 x Adapter with 4 USB plugs
• FREE ROX Pro App – iOS and Android
• FREE introduction call

· Light, sound and vibration cues: multi-sensory stimulation during the training 
· Balance feature: use immediate feedback for body balance assessment and training
· Adjustable sensors: allow maximum tap accuracy
· Easy-to-use: intuitive set-up, navigation and customization
· Open tool: never prescriptive. 100% customizable according to specific needs
· Tracking dashboard: cloud-based dashboard with export functionality
· Super durable: strong construction makes the ROX resistant to any impact
· Mobile tech: IoT connectivity and wireless charging for long-term use
· Sports science-backed Programs: proprietary training methodology behind all the built-in Programs
· Help center: multi-platform user support available


User-centric designed, intuitive use, and simple control.

· 9+ Programs· 3 Taps & Go· Preset drills· Customized drills
· Tracking dashboard
· In-ap help center
· Community center
· FREE for iOS and Android

Training Library – in-App video guided drills

· Free 200+ videos to train reaction, speed & agility, visual an auditory capabilities, cognitive-motor skills, strength, coordination, balance, ADLs, among many other
· Specific videos for every discipline: fitness, soccer, boxing, physical therapy, etc.
· Video drills following MSNP™ training methodology
· Consistent upload of new video content
· Star with "1-tap" functionality plus customizable features

Tech Features

· Upala™ proprietary feature for body balance assessment and training
· Conexxion™ proprietary technology for connectivity and up to 44 yd/ 40m reach
· Grouping function to train with different groups at same time
· Wireless charging
· li-ion rechargeable batteries with 3-9 running hours
· Touch power button
· Hardware controlled by App
· Touch, tap and motion sensors
· Multicolor RGB LED lights for visual stimulation
· Speaker for auditory stimulation
· Vibration motor for tactile stimulation


· Jet-Fighter material (Polycarbonate/ ABS)
· Anti-shock construction
· Water-repellent
· Rubberized coating
· Exclusive use of virgin raw materials


· CE approved
· FCC approved
· GS approved adapter
· Certified product quality according to the strictest chemical, safety and fitness-for-use requirements